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The A.R.A.C. handbook has been added to the web page. Go to the Forms and Preambles menu for your copy.  The copy of the handbook with new by-laws will be added as soon as it is available.

We are starting a new idea here on our website.  Go to the current information page, in the drop down menu, for more information on our newest idea Dr. ARAC.

ARAC HAM BREAKFAST is on Saturday November 29, 214 at 7:30-8:  A.M. at Chalet Restaurant.   The Chalet is on Highway 53 just past the Menard's store.  See you there.

The October newsletter is now on the web site.  Same place as always.  Thanks Diane and Jeff for the hard work.

Note that the November 4, 214 board meeting will be at Sammy's Pizza in West Duluth.  Eats 6: pm meeting at 6:3-7: pm.

Our November 13 214 meeting will be held at the Copper Top Church.  We will start meeting at 7: pm.   The program is to be announced.   Election nominations open and nominations for the W9IBM award will be taken too.  See you there.

A new testing opportunity is scheduled.  Go to the drop down menu and look under testing for what is happening.

The Dakota Division of the ARRL American Radio Relay League has it's own webpage.  The URL is  A lot of good information on all of the 3 Dakota Division Sections.  Check it out.

Check out the new Contest information in the drop down menu or just click on this link.

Interested in DX countries on the HF frequencies?  Then go to this week  for the latest DX information.

Additions have been made to the club history.  Take time and see some of the beginnings of our group.


   Go to for a story by Mike Wendland K8ZRH.   Mike visited our Field Day site and took some nice video and a great interview with our Field Day chair-person Denny WDIO.





WI November 1-2, 214


    Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald


Hours of operation +-


Saturday 0800z - Sunday 0100z

Sunday 0800z   - Sunday 0000z


3 stations this year: 2 voice

                                 1  digital


Frequencies: On SSB look for us in the general portions of the 80, 40, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meter bands depending on open frequencies.


Digital: PSK31-28120, 24900, 21070, 18100, 14070, 7070 and 3590 + or -.

RTTY: 28090, 24910, 21090, 18105, 14085, 7080, 3596 + or -.


CW: 28050, 24094, 21050, 18080, 14050, 7050, 3550 + or -.



EDMUND FITZGERALD, US.277437, Lake Bulk Freighter built in 1958 by the Great Lakes Engineering Works, River Rouge, MI as Hull #301. Her keel was laid in August, 1957. Launched June 7, 1958 as a) EDMUND FITZGERALD for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. (Columbia Transportation Co., Cleveland, OH, mgr.). 729'loa, 711'lbp x 75'x 39'; 13,632 GRT, 8713 NRT, 26,600 dwt. Powered by a 7,500 shp Westinghouse Electric Co. double reduction geared, cross-compound steam turbine, and two coal-fired Combustion Engineering water tube boilers, with a total heating surface of 13,288 sq.ft. Engine and boilers built in 1958. Rated service speed: 14 knots (16.1 mph). Sea trials occurred on September 13th, and she was commissioned on September 22nd. The FITZGERALD's first cargo of taconite pellets was loaded September 24, 1958 at Silver Bay, MN. for Toledo, OH. A Bird-Johnson diesel powered bow thruster was installed in 1969 resulting in a decrease in net registered tonnage to 8686. The FITZ collided with the Canadian steamer HOCHELAGA at the mouth of the Detroit River, May 1, 1970, suffering slight damage at hatches 18 and 19. During the 1971-72 winter lay up at Duluth, MN., she was converted from coal to oil-fired boilers which were automated at that time, and the fuel tanks were installed in the space that was occupied by the coal bunkers. Also a fire fighting system and a sewage holding tank were installed at that

time. Minor cracking at the keelson to shell connection was repaired by installing additional stiffening on the keelson in 1970 and additional welding was required in 1973-74. The EDMUND FITZGERALD foundered on Lake Superior during a severe storm November 10, 1975 at approximately 7:10 pm about 17 miles north-northwest of Whitefish Point, MI at position 470'N by 857'W in Canadian waters. The FITZGERALD was running downbound loaded with 26,116 tons of taconite ore pellets from Superior, WI for Detroit, MI. During the height of the storm in 70 knot winds, 25 foot waves combed her deck decreasing her normal 12 feet of freeboard. Several times tons of water washed over her deck and challenged her buoyancy. Her sinking was so quick that no radio message was given though she had been in frequent visual and radio contact with the steamer ARTHUR M. ANDERSON. The FITZGERALD disappeared from sight in a furious snow squall and then from radar. Captain McSorley of the "FITZ" had indicated he was having difficulty and was taking on water. She was listing to port and had two of three ballast pumps working. She had lost her radar and damage was noted to ballast tank vent pipes and he was overheard on the radio saying, "don't allow nobody (sic) on deck." McSorley said it was the worst storm he had ever seen. All 29 officers and crew, including a Great Lakes Maritime Academy cadet, went down with the ship, which lies broken in two sections in 530 feet of water. Surveyed by the U.S. Coast Guard in 1976 using the U.S. Navy CURV III system, the wreckage consisted of an upright bow section, approximately 275 feet long and an inverted stern section, about 253 feet long, and a debris field comprised of the rest of the hull in between. Both sections lie within 170 feet of each other. The EDMUND FITZGERALD was removed from documentation January, 1976. The National Transportation Safety Board unanimously voted on March 23, 1978 to reject the U. S. Coast Guard's official report supporting the theory of faulty hatches. Later the N.T.S.B. revised its verdict and reached a majority vote to agree that the sinking was caused by taking on water through one or more hatch covers damaged by the impact of heavy seas over her deck. This is contrary to the Lake Carriers Association's contention that her foundering was caused by flooding through bottom and ballast tank damage resulting from bottoming on the Six Fathom Shoal between Caribou and Michipicoten Islands. The U.S. Coast Guard, report on August 2, 1977 cited faulty hatch covers, lack of water tight cargo hold bulkheads   and damage caused from an undetermined source.







SS William A Irvin 610 feet 9.75 inches (186.1757 m) overall with a beam (width) of 60 feet (18 m) and a depth of 32 feet 6 inches (9.91 m). Her carrying capacity is 13,600 gross tons. William A Irvin was one of few lakers built with a three-tiered bow cabin, as opposed to the standard two. The extra deck is used to house a suite of 4 guest cabins and a guest lounge. Also a part of the guest accommodations was a guest dining room located where the number two hatch would be on most lakers. Those parts of the boat are trimmed in oak paneling and walnut veneer with brass handrailings. William A Irvin and her sisters were some of the first to be powered by DeLaval Cross steam turbines as opposed to the standard reciprocating triple expansion steam engines. William A Irvin also included welding in much of her construction and was also the first to have all areas of the ship accessible from the interior of the ship which allowed the boat's crew to stay inside during rough weather.


Arial Lift Bridge at the tip of Lake Superior


Do you want to listen to the Skywarn activations in our local area that provide NWS Duluth with severe weather information.  Just click on one of the links below to listen.  Thanks to Travus KB9JZF at discoverpc.NET for setting this up.

Listen to the 94 repeater-Download and Open


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  Events: 214

  ARAC Ham Fest                       May 03                     Done

  Grandmas Marathon               June 21                     Done

  Field Day                                  June 28-29               Done

  Water Safety Expo                    July 17                      Done

  Voyager Trail Ultra                  July 26                      Done

  ARAC Picnic                            Aug. 03                     Done

  Superior Man Triathlon            Aug. 24                     Done                         

  Superior Fall Trail                    Sept 05-06                Done

  NS Inline Marathon                  Sept 13                          Done

  Wild Duluth Race                     Oct   18                          Done

   WI-Edmund Fitzgerald         Nov. 01-02         





Lighthouses Activated 














                                   Check this out!

          We thought your ham radio club membership would be interested in learning
        about Global 24 Radio.

        Global 24 Radio (htttp:// will be broadcasting on
        shortwave on 9395 kHz from WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida beginning on
        November 1.

        Read (and please share with your members) this press release:

        We will feature several programs about shortwave listening, DXing and ham
        radio that will be of great interest to your members.

        Shortwave radio has long been an "Entry" point for the Amateur Radio hobby
        and we hope your club can help spread the word...

        Marcy Schlegel
        Director of Programming

        Join our newsletter here: